Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

bring it on lighties :)

Just recently, I sat down with my dad after coming back from an astronomers' meeting, philosophizing as usual. This time about speed of light. So, I am slightly trying to appear smart here when telling I knew Einstein was just partly right! I mean with his E-theory things... how the heck could he think that there is a limit to velocity? How can he say that all is relative and then say there is a case when it's not?  He was just so lucky that when he wrote the things nobody really understood yet, so there was 50 years time for his theories to become real. He himself told "imagination is more important than knowledge". Exclamation mark squared! A dread strong statement to support sciences rather being a creative act. Meaning have the results been there before we found them or have they been created because we were searching? and so on...

Well, as one of my dreams is still a Nobel Price, I am going for all disciplines now, physics, astronomy, literature and so on. My first attempt will be to prove that there isn't relativity but synchronicity. In relativity it's claimed that space energy deforms time. Synchronicity claims that this equation is not univectorial or how it's called. Secondly as speed of light is beat and still no end of pi neither of the universe seen, the famous e=mc² equation is also not valid (anymore). This is another reason why synchronicity rules since the results of Cern last year are just aligned perfectly with our evolutionary progress. If they had the knowledge in the 50s there wouldn't have been some atomic bombs "only". Weird that the outcome of particles flying faster than light and the approval of the results happened at the same time as Fukushima, no? (ok this sounds really conspirational, but anyways...:)) Why do flowers blossom when bees come out? Why do Newton's apples fall from the tree when it starts getting cold? Why is there always a push and a pull in technology? Why is there always an inside out and outside in in marketing? Why, why, why? Things are synchronized, not just related it would mean that some process a would provoke some outcome b,c,d,... but if they are synchronized just one outcome at that "moment" is possible. Unless you run progress a, b, c, simultaneously so you get more results simultaneously. So. When there was Einstein and information still more isolated there were less different processes thus less different outcomes. Thus the value of energy, mass and velocity do not matter at all. What matters is  how they are synchronized.... Does it make sense somehow? Anyways, the end of this blog is perfectly synchronized with my mum calling me to help with her birthday preparations. Have a well synchronized day :) xxo

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