Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Social Media Week

Unfortunately I got to know about the first Social Media Week in Hamburg way too late. It it was already Wednesday when I heard about it and the cool stuff like game and video production workshops were over yet. As I noticed I wasn’t the only one missing out. Participation was quite low but my expectations were still more than fulfilled – many impressions, confirmations great insight and great people :)

I joined the nexthamburg workshop on Thursday morning. The aim was about to establish a vision of 2030. Frankly, since there were just six of us we were philosophizing about what is there, what could be, what needs to be done and whatsoever. Some ideas we framed and jugged down on a paper model of the city. Personally after knowing what I threw myself into I was rather interested in nexthamburg as a business model for social development and how they work. providers of creative services or whatchamacallit neo-crowdhelped-advisory spots seem to be sprouting everywhere.

They describe nexthamburg as an independent initiative for citizens to take part in urban development funded by the state (not by the city). By inviting citizens, offering creative activities and collecting ideas they are about growing a base for implementable solutions and methods of which many could also be expanded to other cities.  What I like most about these concepts is the democratic value they try to fulfill by providing media in order to channel needs and understanding from citizen to city motivated by driving common change. So, first time for long after neglecting management disciplines, I am saying yes (for now) to my evergreen wondering whether we need non-electronic intermediaries.

The second event I visited was organized by inpromo, a social media agency. Dominik the founder of poker strategy was giving a short presentation about his social learning community for poker. He started his project out of own interest when studying and doesn’t seem like some multimillionaire at all. I was strongly impressed. Again here the focus is set on the democratization of content. Top quality tutorials by high class poker pros around the globe is produced in 19 languages counting 5,5 million members so far financed by affiliate programs of poker websites. His next project will be a similar platform for brokerage of shares and foreign exchange -for dummies so too say. We ended the evening with a poker tournament and being screwed by a teenager winning. Again I was amazed what kind of people I met and how I was pampered with drinks and food for basically just enjoying to consume knowledge.

All these new concepts have something in common I loved to investigate when still at university. Lateral relationships in financing are kind of getting dissolved in chaotic shared interest holders relationships. Saying business cases more and more often are less planned than before. In recent/innovative concepts  depicting where the money will come from seems of minor importance as long as the purpose is relevant. Time to draw out old notes and diagrams - rework and complete…
Thanks for a gasp behind the scenes to nexthamburg and pokerstrategy!!!

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