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Half an Orange

Things  happen when you don’t expect them to happen, aight?! Yo man! As if there  a secret Santa trying to freak around with you.  Anyways all of this below is based on a completely true story!
So I made my first podcast about it and also a long long text, come on... push it, push it some more... ;

I love surprises though. And still I am most of the time sneakily observative, mwhahah. For some period I asked for being sent signs. It worked, except that I went a bit mental, even though I think part of that stuff was true, must have been true! Gonna eat my shoes if I was that hectic about nothing all the time. Well, I still was a bit like these old ladies that cry when seeing a black cat or something “Ahhhhh! I told you so! Falling down the stairs was not the fault of my fat ass but that ugly pink chicken flying from left to right when I run for its eggs this morning!”.
Well, before starting my travel to Spain though I wrote the word “soulmate” in big fat red ink on a sheet and stuck it onto my wardrobe. I was curios what a real soulmate was as I was so about discovering truth of my life. deep shit. 

For going back to Valencia I took a cheaper flight connection via Malaga and had some spare days in between the flights. I hooked up with an old friend who came to fetch me from the airport and I  was not really considering to go back to Cádiz – a smaller town where I also used to live (it’s very pretty). There were hardly any people left I knew. Neither did I have money to go. But a friend’s friend whom I was supposed to couchsurf with in Malaga didn’t take up her phone  that particular night my old friend had to drive down the Atlantic coast coming very closely to Cádiz. So I thought wtf, hey fifty let’s go. Of course right after we were out of town the Malaganian couchsurfing host girl called… but upnaway already.
I strolled down to the bookshelf in the salon of casa Caracol in Cádiz where I was given the coolest hostel bed ever- a double under the ceiling for the same price as if living in a dorm bed. Anyways, I hardly took note of two guys standing in the room when one of them, a colored guy with short dreads said “Hola”. I turned around.. I hola-ed him back. He stared at me, still somehow confused and in a quite hesitative manner he asked me for my name. “Marnie. ‘N u?”. I normally snap at these questions or answer “Esmeralda”, “Barack”, “Helmut” or something like that.  This time somehow I was more respectful. Conversation kicked in rapidly and what started as small talk was soon to take some weird turns. His first nick name was Santa…Wtf…
Santa: “Oh, I used to live in Valencia. Where about do you live there?”.
Me: “In Amistad”
Santa: “I used to live in Amistad. But a bit more north. In Plaza de Cedro.”
Me: “Me too”
Santa:  “I lived next to the kebab.”
Me:  “Yeah? I live exactly above the kebab.”

By then he was already laughing. Actually it was really comfortable to talk to that guy and somehow weird. I love weird! Well, actually I hate small talk. I am always first trying to take a loop to tear a discussion to a different topic like “Hey, did you see this Zeppelin? I think they are coming after me again!” and then I run but this time:
 “Well. I live in Portal 6 and in the highest story. I love the view from the window of my room. I can see the big star of the Cedro.”
“I also had a view on the Plaza.” Well and that was the twisting point. We had lived in the same room. He knew the guy who rented the apartment out – a crazy painter who had his tattoo studio there before. He knew his paintings. They were really freaky. Some legs with heads and strange war stories. There was also an act of girls I knew, lol.
Santa told he had painted the room in some blue-ish green, failing in mixing the colors so it really looked like a bathroom. I remembered that color because I knew the flat before I moved there. I also got there for some weird incidents mixed up with intuition. The room was now purple because the girl that had lived there last had painted it. Purple bedrooms. so fashionable right now… not knowing why. Anyways, I have seen the blue color also. Indeed quite sobby.
So, quite a coincidence… to meet someone who had lived not only in the same flat but your room. Quite a coincidence also that he had left Cadiz when I arrived. Had lived in the same streets like me in the histrorical center and then in the new town probably in the same block. I just couldn’t remember well the house number. He left Valencia in the same month I got there. Almost all of our hobbies and interests matched, he made similar experiences to mine even though he came from Venezuelan mountains thus has grown up in places that can’t be more different from my home town. He was fascinated by the same things, how he acted, his philosophies could have been my way entirely. “you do backflips?! No ways! I do parkour and xx…!” “I have lots of weird and different friends. Old and young. Many of them freaks!” holy shit. Me too. Well all was going on and on. we were hanging out with his mates getting drunk and I almost got bored by seeing how similar he is to me. He kept talking and talking to me all night and I had to force myself not to fall asleep because I was so wasted already. “I really have no clue why I am telling you all this. This is stuff I never told someone before” he said when I was already so tired that my answer has probably not been that appropriate. He thanked me a thousand times to have made his day. And that he would have always been looking for his “media naranja”. Which some sort of expression for soulmate in spanish. Half an Orange. We fell asleep arm in arm. I did not feel attracted to him at all but it felt comfortable. I was reminded on the night before when I was sleeping in a double I had for myself in that hostel and I somehow did not feel as if I was alone. It was really strange. All of that experience. However, there was no grabbing going on and I felt that all I feel must be mutual then… If he was like an equal piece, than should be like that. Next morning I left early to clear my bed in the hostel  I didn’t use and we were about to meet at the beach for some handsprings and stuff. When I was walking out that labyrinth of the casco antiguo of Cádiz I knew I would rather like to leave. I felt as If all was supposed to stay like it was. Somehow a magical encounter. And somehow as if it was a closed file.
I took the bus in the afternoon to go back to Malaga and then to Nerja, where I met a true Leo mum and her babe.  I met them at the airplane and I felt so much like being with them. Strangely enough before leaving I had posted a lion carrying a baby lion in her mouth on my fb wall.  Anyways, I was getting a beer and tapa for one euro whilst waiting for the next bus when Santa called. His second nick was Dumbo, by the way. The first drawing I draw in our flat and I also pinned it on my wardrobe right below the soulmate sign. So. Well, he apologized and told he had left the house late and was just checking what I was doing that night. When I told I was already gone I could feel that all was ok. He was a bit disappointed but it sounded as if he had known and was just thankful that we have met after all. like me. 

so for one thing i can tell I am like 98,5% sure to have met a soulmate if there is such thing. But there is way more to life and people inside of it. The magic doesnt depend on familarity a 100%. There are other, even more interesting bits to it...

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