Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Fluxing Vibes @Startup Live

Here it is… better late than never: Startup live at Werkheim was my first start-up-over-three-days-hype-event-thing and surely never liked to miss it. I made lots of wins but still a few skizzo fails, which helped me most to move forward, so I'd like to pass it on now.

Team pitch – big win, big skizzo fail

I pitched my idea crewzable. An app for crew members of cruise ships I have been working on with becode in Spain before and had set in my mind for years. As I am an ex-crew member and did my BAs in cruise industry management I had poured my whole heart into it and now pitched for finding a team who would like to join in. I got Michael Gorksi, Bernd Rieger and Mr. T-X to join me as members. My first fail: I did not realize I’ve got the perfect team!!! I still thought... oh - all I need is developers who would like to build it. Big!-Ignorant!-Bullshit!!!

Team building – epic skizzo fail

First exercise was building a rocket. Fun practice! I liked it a lot and most of it to see the other results. One team tried to cause a fire and another modeled a Hollywood like take off. But after the demonstration the programmer Mr. T-X left without even saying goodbye. I was hit in the face. So we started off as a trio. As I already have gone through the concept several times I got kind of hasty explaining and most epic fail! I did not listen to my team mates. I hardly gave them the chance to give input to the concept. How badly did I suck as CEO L

Mind the winning criteria – no win, moderate skizzo fail

Michael and Bernd said: criteria at this event is a congruent revenue model. They both were right in doubting to win as there is no real revenue model. I blocked completely due to a slightly aversive relation to asking for money. No, there will not be an upscaling to the cruise passengers before there is no crew app! First heart, then money. I completely demotivated my team.. I blue-eyedly thought in this weekend we will get an MVP and can take off as cruise season in Europe already started and it will be so easy to promote in the ports.

Mentoring sessions – big wins, minor fails

We got great mentoring session from Michael Backes (liquid labs), Christian Häfner (fastbill, also check the great  blog )and Alfonso von Wunschheim (left local to come to Hamburg).
All of them were great. They liked the idea but found the revenue model a bit difficult due to market size. Inferno ragazzi gave some tipps what the interface of the app could look like, so Michael took of designing it right away. Mr. T-X came back and was as perplexed as I was before. He told “I didn’t know you really mean it serious!. I think we match competencies because you can really sell yourself and the project, which I can’t. Let’s do it! In half a year we will have it going....” Now I was a bit pissed but said “Sponge over it” – or say Schwamm drüber J. Inside I still wasn’t forgiving and was very cautious now but at least tried to pay credit to my zodiac sign Leo and get over it fast.

taken from original by malte goy

Investors pitch – huge win, minor fail

I can only tell from the feedback that I seem to have made some impression. Many told me: "Hey, that was so great. Your pitch and presentation were awesome...So sad that the market is so small." All because I was scared to talk about upscaling to passengers….because it would make my nice simple and lean app suddenly a huge project. Bigger numbers, bigger plan -Nayyy. What a beginners error: Fear of big sums. And I even had the remedy on board:  Michael had a good interest in business cases and revenue and Bernd works in media content management so knows of all the complexities. We could have mocked up a Paxx app for sharing all kind of stuff whilst on sea, something I went through b4 anyways and could have paid for crewzable. Then when seeing that we didn’t win Mr. T-X left again without saying bye. Well, I forgive him now. Now that nothing is ever perfect and just hope that everyone won as much experience as I did. Anyways I felt like a winner because I stood behind my ideals and really seemed to have touched hearts with it. And that is what I will definately stick with.

Social Media - cheap fail

How dare I take part without a smart phone! Dhoouuu (well if you got an old one for sale, pls let me know ;)

I am really glad that I still have contact to the people on my team, so some time maybe I can express my appreciation a bit better. Secondly I learned a lot from the winning team accomates. The team leader gave everyone the chance to be part of the idea. Thus it got transformed and despite so many people involved something really great came out of it. Jury definitely chose the right winners.

And thanks to Philipp Baumgärtel, Camilla, Tim, inferno ragazzi and Malte Goy it has been a super splendid event: great food, great location, great people. Can’t think of anything that was missing. Thanks-a-lot to all and everyone I saw in/from/at/about this venue :)

And, for next time:
Less insistence, more tolerance! 
Kunde ist König, aber Team ist Kaiser! Allways.


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