Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Get2Play @Startup Weekend Hamburg 2012

On June 13 Candy asked us some questions about how we experienced start-up weekend 2012 in Hamburg (event blog). I did a write up before hand but did not manage to publish but to somehow delete it :( it was a list of all the skizzo fails I passed. Well, Now things of course have advanced. Tobias Rauscher is most likely taking part in an international music project and already started on the project design having teamed up in Berlin. Journey goes on with great people and experiences. So, eventhough in the past, now is the time to put forward these memories. 

1.) Skype ID: knorroxx
2.) Dates available for the Amen interview -  like Tobi (candy's write up about the chat)
3.) T-Shirt size: S
4.) present yourself: 
I did an MSc in Innovation Management in Valencia, Spain and worked there with the punk incubator becode and in Santiago with a bunch of desk surfing developers called agil-az. I saw many teams building up and failing and also some really great projects. The difference was mostly dedication and getting started right away. I had a social project called crewzable – an app for crew of cruise ships as I am ex-crew member and did my BA studies in cruise industry mgmt. My heart is in it I had a rather humanistic than monetary way of looking at the project and people could feel it. That’s why I supported Tobi’s team during the SW and am so looking forward to get2play.
In my spare time I am youth coach for gymnastics, do tricking and am part of an astronomy group. I got some professional education in mindfulness and cognitive reconstruction, lived in the US, South Africa, Spain and on ships and started my first freelancer jobs with 13.

5.) Startup Weekend Hamburg Questions?

participation: Non technical
previous start-up weekends: I went to startup live in Hamburg, on May 6-8. (I pitched and got through with crewzable)

What was the hardest part about the project?

Finding dedicated developers – When seeing Tobi I thought: “super charismatic guy with a great congruent idea. He’s not gonna need me. He needs developers”. But somehow they really seem to be a rare species… We sat together with two developer friends till late that first night. Both had heaps of work though.

Teaming up – I actually was in a different team so got a bit angry: “why didn’t I have more time to choose a team in the first place?” a problem that’s going to be solved with q-nect soon J. And honestly I kind of based my choice on superstion and was a bit influenced by past experiences which I wanted to make up to instead of going what my heart told me. I loved both experiences and all people in it. On saturday Tobi came to sit next to the team I had joined. I ended up working with him instead most of the time. Get2play just got me and I saw some things I still could help with. 

Sitting between two chairs – So, I was actually blessed to be in two teams since I learned double as fast but it also was a ttrigger for some major disfunctioning. before the final pitches I thought: “for which team do I go on stage now? Actually I do not want to go to any!” Worrying it may have an impact on the judges’ decision. So skizzo...
So, what I did instead was painting my nails. It’s becoming a ritual before pitches. In order to paint my nails I need to be calm. with shaking hands I can’t paint. I even changed dresses, that much confused I was. Felt over dressed for the rest of the night and then waiting for the train in the morning falling asleep at the station, missing the train, falling asleep in the train, missing the station (twice) and all without a rescunator…! Well, I decided not to be a chicken and went to both pitches. I may fail but never fail people! And I am glad I had made that decision.  

First Pitch with VeloDocs
Second Pitch: Get2Play
What was the best part about being at Startup Weekend Hamburg?
I did not expect Tobi to win! And I am glad to have found someone I can work super well with and we both see future perspectives in doing get2play. Taking off time!

Then: meeting the start-up community in Hamburg. great and talented people and everyone is so nice and interesting.
I am waiting excitedly for gadget café to set up a tekki SW regulars table at bunny&scotch to enjoy their godlicious muffins made of friendlyfood brought by youdeliver-ed listening to mycamp fm, whilst waiting for my laundry in green shower, qnecting to some bites of skill bar stealing news about gleanter and all others of this topmunity I luckily got to know J (don’t have the links) Hope to see many back soon. The organizers were also awesome. Thanks for all!

What are your plans for the 1000€ that you have won? Get2play

Any last advice for teams attending a Startup Weekend event?
Go with your intuition and stick to it. Like Malboro says: don’t be a maybe. Smaller teams need you more than big teams and it is more fun to be with the people who take their dreams serious and are 1000% behind it. Even if you can’t identify in first place you may discover heaps more about it. And: clean up! Most of the organizers are volunteers and I saw them collecting hell a lot trash after us till late at night and next day. In that aspect we could have behaved a little less rockstar-ish. 

Last of all thanks thanks and big thanks!!! I never had that much publicity. Here is even a video :)


  1. Beeing in 2 teams looked to me, like you wanted to keep your options open... it did not feel like you were enganged in either team with full commitment and it seemed more like opportunist behaviour!

  2. thanks for your comment. indeed that's what it may seem like to many like it does to you, and was maybe why I also accounted for that in this blog, as well as I should appreciate questioning my morals. minds are free, and i know what i felt and how i felt... and how it looks to the outside actually should not interest me, but it does how you see me using this space to express stuff here. i rather thought i endanger the teams by appearing in both... becuase i may hinder them from winning. winning a contest was not really my motivation... anyways rather the people and ideas. well, if you like or if you are really interested to prove my motives...even if it is a bare foreign opinion to you and a waste of energy, then just ask the teams. and yes i wasnt full commited to both, because i switched. i never claimed anything similar. maybe i also did not take the event that serious in this intent...
    anyways, doesn't matter... arghhh how much i am bothered about what others think of me... shit. well, again: thanks for your comment.

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