Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Home – the beginning, the middle, ...

This morning my sister and me had a Californian couple ringing us out of bed. “Hi, my name is Werner and I was born in this place.” So they must have made a back-to-the-roots trip. As my hometown was a major port for emigration we got this museum for a couple of years now, where you can track the origins of your ancestors. Anyways, Werner was eager to see the garden. Our street is very narrow and colored old small houses are lined up close to each other. All together look harmonic and cute but each one of them on its own looks a bit meaningless from the roadside - All real beauty hidden in the yards. A shy street, paying respect to its name “street of nuns” J anyways, he told they had been keeping pigs in former dens, which now is a garden house. I know these old stories, as firstly all these houses were farmer’s houses. It was nice to see someone recognize the environment after 60 years because indeed a lot changed. 
My parents bought the house from my great grandma, who herself attached some bathroom and “set up” walls and what else she built and tore down when her husband was imprisoned in war, I have no clue, I just know that it was pretty wasted and my parents rebuilt like almost every bit and they actually never have stopped- still climbing the roof or mixing some three tons to straighten out the walls my great granny built. Fit as hell. One summer my dad put up another storey with his friends. 

When the roof top celebration thing was supposed to take place he had a car accident. Since then he couldn’t play football properly anymore, which had earned him money and lots of fun those days. Weird things always happened in this house. Whenever something good happened or something was fixed it used to kick back. Electronic devices didn’t last as much before as somehow now improved their life expectancy.  My sister and me always had some totally weird sleeping disorders, and well, lots of other happenings always lead us to believe that this 1890-ish built house is haunted, lol. Well, I know how it feels coming back after a year or so, and lots and nothing would have changed. But how will that all be in 50 years? Strange! Especially, when I was born and raised in the same house… and Werner coming back to a city that was 70% destroyed when he left, finding a 3-star version of burj al arab, some spacy buildings and all but the facades of the street where he had lived has stayed almost the same. Well, I am going to ask him like a thousand questions…


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