Montag, 7. April 2014

Roatán - Lost Paradise

In 2008 as a crew member on Board NCL Pearl and Sun, I visited Roatan weekly. It is my favourite island... this morning I came across a post by Jim Walker: NCL Crew Member shot and killed in Roatan Honduras. My conclusion: it is not a miracle that Roatan starts revolting. When the season started there were hardly any shops or touristic infrastructure - the reason I really loved it.

In less than a month time though, back in 2008,  a cruise terminal was built up. The same souvenirs and gifts like at any other destination in the Caribbean were sold, supposedly belonging to the same vendors. Buses were installed to go to private beaches and private resorts organized by the cruise line. Hardly authentic. Since 2008 I suppose Roatan has changed even more, maybe even looking like a second Cozumel (Mexico). Is it a miracle if the population finally reacts? If 3000 people would invade your foregarden suddenly and then vanishing after a few hours leaving traces everywhere, you'd be beaming with joy, wouldn't you? It is indeed a miracle that the hondurians did not blow up a ship yet. I remember a scene when 1500 cruise passengers tried to get throught the city gate of Dubrovnik. Barely healthy IMO. But well....

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